Crowdfunding Comparison

The market space of crowd funding websites is really still in it’s infancy. While some of you may be thinking that it’s been around for quite a while now, for many others this will be your first introduction to crowd funding in general.

As always, if we really want to understand what Crowd Funding is, we should look at what Wikipedia has to say about it. For our purposed, this is the definition we will be looking at on this blog:  is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.[1][2] Crowdfunding is used in support of a wide variety of activities, including disaster reliefcitizen journalism, support of artists by fans, political campaigns, startup company funding,[3] motion picture promotion,[4] free software development, inventions development, scientific research,[5] and civic projects.[6]

We have assembled a list of who we feel are currently the top crowd funding websites as of the date this is being written (we will try to keep this updated). While there is certainly subjectivity involved in how we are ranking these crowd funding websites, we are doing our best to minimize that and look at the more important features and function and list only those that we feel would really have an impact on creating projects and raising money from these crowd funding platforms.

We are list these crowd funding platforms alphabetically to limit any perceived bias.

Crowd Funding Platforms AlphabeticallySuccess
Flexible Funding
Support & ResourcesSelf
Hosted Solution
Project Types AllowedOff site funding IntegratedRating (Out of 6)
Community Funded Crowdfunding Website5%2.9% + 30c per transactionYesEmail, wiki, FAQ,
Community Forum.
Professional services
also offered, Help
Desk, Phone,
Webinar, Onsite
Training, Full scale
marketing help,
Success “Playbook”
& Non-Profit
Yes 5.75
Crowdfunder Crowdfunding Website5%2.9% + 30c per transactionNoForum & Help Desk NoStartups
& Businesses
fundly4.9%3%YesEmailYes Projects Yes 5.25
gofundme5%2.9% + 30c per transactionYesEmail & Help Desk NoCharity & Projects No 4.0
indiegogo4% – 9%3%YesHelp Center YesDonation
& Creative
 No 4
kickstarter5%3-5%NoEmail & Help Center NoCreative & Projects No 3.0
rockethub4-8%4%YesFAQ & 1-800 Number NoProjects No4.0 
whenyouwish5%2.9% + 30c per transactionYesFAQ & Email NoStartups & Businesses No3.25 

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